President Andrzej Duda’s as Prepared for the Warsaw Summit Experts’ Forum

Two years ago, Russia’s aggression against Ukraine devastated the international order as we knew it. In an effort once again to force upon the world the notions of “spheres of influence” and “concert of Europe,” the principle of the inviolability of Europe’s frontiers was infringed. Armed aggression was applied anew as a foreign policy instrument. The world was expected to accept the thesis that international law did not apply on the territory of the former Soviet Union, rather that the law of the jungle ruled there.

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The Atlantic Council U.S.-India Trade Initiative Workshop
Remarks by Ambassador Richard R. Verma

(As prepared for delivery)

Good morning everyone.  It is a sincere pleasure to be with you all here today for the inaugural U.S.-India Trade Initiative Workshop.  Thank you, Governor Huntsman, for that warm welcome.  Governor Huntsman began his career in public service as a staff assistant to President Ronald Reagan, and has served each of the four U.S. presidents since then in critical roles around the world, including as Ambassador to Singapore, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Asia, U.S. Trade Ambassador, and most recently, U.S. Ambassador to China.  And of course on top of being an Ambassador, he served two terms as Governor of the great state of Utah, being elected in 2008 with a record percentage of the vote.  The Governor has been a long standing champion of closer U.S.-India ties and I’m honored to share the dais with him this morning.

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