Tue, Jan 19, 2021

It’s a mumz world

In Season 1, Episode 2 of empowerME Conversations podcast, host Amjad Ahmad interviews Mumzworld Founder and CEO Mona Ataya about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, how the Middle East’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is radically changing, her company’s biggest policy pain points, and the future of customer personalization to the power of one.  Key Takeaways 0:00 Intro0:41 […]

empowerME Conversations by Atlantic Council

Economy & Business Middle East

Tue, Jan 12, 2021

Translating Business

In Season 1, Episode 1, Tarjama Founder and CEO Nour Al Hassan discusses what drove her to become an entrepreneur, her company's prescient flexible work model that has promoted women's economic inclusion as well as resilience, and her policy wish list to help more endeavors like hers succeed in the Middle East.

empowerME Conversations by Atlantic Council

Economy & Business Middle East

Wed, Jan 6, 2021

MENA’s post-COVID resilience depends on using the talent pool of women

In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), where gender-based inequalities are many and deep-rooted, the concern for women’s setbacks could be more serious due to the pandemic.

MENASource by Nadereh Chamlou

Economy & Business Middle East

Mon, Dec 14, 2020

Is Jordan’s workforce ready for emerging opportunities in digital entrepreneurship?

By tapping into its large, tech-savvy youth population, which makes up more than half of its citizens, and its markedly underutilized female labor force, Jordan can position itself for dynamic post-COVID economic expansion.

MENASource by Nicole Goldin, PhD

Middle East Politics & Diplomacy

Fri, Dec 11, 2020

EmpowerME Conversations Pilot

The empowerME conversations podcast features conversations with business and government leaders shaping the Middle East. The podcast sheds light on key opportunities and challenges for companies and governments, and Season 1 will focus on top regional entrepreneurs and their path to success as well as struggles they faced along the way.

empowerME Conversations by Atlantic Council

Middle East Resilience & Society

Wed, Dec 9, 2020

The GCC’s digital economy is growing, but risks must be managed

Gulf Cooperation Council governments need to establish effective protections for the digital economy to gain scale and become sustainable.

MENASource by Dominik Treeck

Middle East Politics & Diplomacy

Fri, Dec 4, 2020

Biden administration should act fast to bolster people-to-people exchanges with the Middle East

While US policy toward individual MENA countries will be hammered out in the interagency process through the first year of the new Joe Biden administration, we recommend action in the first months employing existing Public Diplomacy programs to reinforce support for unlocking human potential.

MENASource by Richard LeBaron and Dan Sreebny

Middle East Politics & Diplomacy

Wed, Nov 18, 2020

Mudassir Sheikha and Amjad Ahmad on how to create more “unicorns” in the Middle East

Atlantic Council’s empowerME initiative hosted Careem Co-Founder & CEO Mudassir Sheikha and empowerME Director and venture capital veteran Amjad Ahmad for a conversation about Sheikha’s path to success and strategies for building a more productive entrepreneurial ecosystem to create more unicorns in the Middle East. Below are the key takeaways from the discussion moderated by CNBC Reporter & Anchor Hadley Gamble.

MENASource by Allison Holle

Middle East Politics & Diplomacy

Wed, Nov 11, 2020

How the Biden administration will impact Middle East economies

The Biden administration will not be a panacea for Middle East economies but will certainly have a positive impact.

MENASource by Amjad Ahmad

Elections Middle East

Thu, Oct 29, 2020

Middle East business leaders provide perspective on the economic impact of the upcoming US presidential election

In an empowerME survey conducted in the last thirty days, thirty-two Middle East business leaders shared their views on the possible economic impact of the 2020 US Presidential election. Atlantic Council experts Kirsten Fontenrose, Amjad Ahmad, Mohsin Khan, and Jean-Francois Seznec analyzed the data and provided the following key takeaways.

Elections 2020

Education Elections
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