Fri, Apr 10, 2020

Iran’s regional ambitions are not going anywhere

Time and time again, Iran has proved that, despite its limitations and weaknesses, it manages to hold on and turn threats into opportunities that preserve not only the regime’s survival, but its regional influence, as well.

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Thu, Apr 9, 2020

Aman in Iran International: Discussing the South Asia Center’s video conference on Covid-19 in Iran, Afghanistan, and densely populated border regions

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Thu, Apr 9, 2020

Iranian officials troll the US handling of the coronavirus to hide their own failings

Iranian officials have taken to firing aggressive and sometimes disparaging remarks deriding the Western—especially American—response to the coronavirus outbreak in an apparent attempt to counter criticism of their own shortcomings.

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Thu, Apr 9, 2020

The unique challenges posed by COVID-19 in Iran and Afghanistan

The following interview was conducted on April 7th, 2020. On the 7th of April 2020, the South Asia Center and the Future of Iran Initiative hosted a virtual panel on Iran and Afghanistan’s public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic, moderated by Nonresident Senior Fellow Fatemeh Aman. The panel consisted of Dr. Fatima Rezaei, Iran Country […]

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Fri, Apr 3, 2020

Pressure mounts on Trump to ease sanctions on Iran amid COVID-19 outbreak

Members of Congress, world leaders, international organizations, editorial boards, and civil society activists are calling on the Trump administration to lift sanctions on Iran, at least temporarily, while the country fights the coronavirus pandemic.

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Thu, Apr 2, 2020

Separating fact from fiction and fate: Assessing Iran’s response to COVID-19

Iran has one of the best medical and public health infrastructures in the Middle East, exporting its cadre of physicians abroad for decades. But the crisis has revealed a nation where politics and appearances trump public safety.

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Wed, Apr 1, 2020

Iranian New Year in the time of coronavirus

The high number of deaths in Iran compared to the number of those infected reflects poorly on the level of treatment.

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Thu, Mar 26, 2020

New tensions between Iran and the IAEA threaten the JCPOA

Amid the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, concerns are being expressed by some experts that the disease could hamper the ability of the IAEA to monitor Iran’s nuclear program.

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Tue, Mar 24, 2020

Slavin quoted in Middle East Eye on how sanctions hinder Iran’s ability to address coronavirus

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Mon, Mar 23, 2020

A loan for Iran and a tragedy of a different kind

It is time for Iranian authorities to dismantle the barriers they have created to interact with the global business community.

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