The Atlantic Council In Turkey & Council’s Turkey Program aims to promote dialogue and strengthen transatlantic engagement with Turkey and its surrounding region through research, programming, high-level discussion forums and conferences to address critical issues in its main focus areas of bilateral relations, the energy sector, economy, business relations, migration, defense, and security.

Turkey, located at the crossroads of the economic and energy routes that stretch from Europe through the Black and Caspian Seas to the Middle East and Central Asia, and through the Mediterranean Sea to North Africa, resides at the intersection of some of our globe’s most complex geopolitical and geo-economic issues.

The Atlantic Council in Turkey program meets our enduring mission of working together with allies and partners to secure the future by facilitating productive dialogue and connections among government, business, and NGO stakeholders. In cooperation with the Atlantic Council’s 15 other programs and centers, the Atlantic Council in Turkey strives to support strong ties between the transatlantic community and Turkey towards a more stable and prosperous future for the region.


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