Cyber Risk Wednesdays

The Cyber Risk Wednesday event series, underwritten by Raytheon, provides the cognitive and physical space to help policymakers, corporate leaders, and the public navigate technology and policy interrelationships in a language that resonates with them, and to inject foresight-driven and multidisciplinary analyses into core cyber debates.
  • Cyber Risk Wednesday: Landscape of the Cyber Threat

    On October 22, the Atlantic Council's Cyber Statecraft Initiative relaunched Cyber Risk Wednesdays, a series of events dedicated to a deeper discussion and understanding of solutions to systemic cyber risks.

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  • Financial Sector Highlighted in Fifth Cyber Risk Wednesday

    In comparison to other sectors, the financial sector has a relatively robust system for handling cyber risk. Awareness of cyber risks and sector-wide cooperation in tackling risks is well established in the financial sector, in part because of the 2008 financial collapse. The 2008 financial collapse forced financial institutions to assess not only their individual vulnerabilities, but also systemic risks. 

    The fifth Cyber Risk Wednesday, a monthly series organized by the Cyber Statecraft Initiative, discussed the NIST framework’s impacts on the financial sector, the general risk environment, strengths and challenges, and mitigation methods currently in place. The discussion featured a well-balanced panel of speakers with experts from large financial institutions, small and community banking institutions, and government.

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  • Third Cyber Risk Wednesday

    Risks and Resilience of the Electrical Sector

    At the third Cyber Risk Wednesday a series of government and private sector experts discussed the cyber risks and resilience in the electrical sector.

    The panel included Jeanette Manfra, deputy director of enterprise performance management in the office of cybersecurity and communications at the US Department of Homeland Security; FusionX Chief Technology Officer Tom Parker; Cyber Statecraft Initiative senior fellow Neal Pollard and Gib Sorebo, chief cybersecurity technologist at Leidos. Director of the Cyber Statecraft Initiative, Jason Healey, moderated the conversation.

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  • Second Cyber Risk Wednesday

    Exploring Cyber Insurance

    With little regulatory framework, cyber insurance is still a developing field. The increasing awareness and occurrence of cyber crimes, such as data breach, cyber espionage, or network intrusion, has placed this important topic squarely in front of risk managers and CEOs. The second Cyber Risk Wednesday, the monthly series organized by Cyber Statecraft Initiative, discussed evolving issues and challenges of cyber risk management and risk transfer, and the role of insurance in cyber risk mitigation.

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