Sun, Aug 11, 2019

‘Maximum pressure’ campaign is bolstering Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

The Trump administration’s unilateral withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and full re-imposition of sanctions against Iran have fueled the nationalist and anti-imperialist ideology that has become central to the mission of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

IranSource by Pia Hecher

Iran Security & Defense

Fri, Aug 9, 2019

Iran’s Nationality Law Bill highlights challenges for legislative reform

A long-awaited bill that would allow the children of Iranian women married to foreign spouses to obtain citizenship for the first time hangs in the balance. Iran’s elected executive and legislative branches have advanced this bill, which would change the lives of thousands of Iranians.

IranSource by Tara Sepehri Far


Wed, Aug 7, 2019

Why Germany resoundingly rejected joining a US-led mission against Iran

On July 31, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas announced Germany’s refusal to join a US-led military mission to safeguard the international shipping lanes in the Strait of Hormuz from Iranian aggression and criticized what he called America’s “maximum tension” approach.

IranSource by Gert Hilgers

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Mon, Aug 5, 2019

Blood money decision advances women’s rights in Iran

In early June, Iran’s Supreme Court upheld a law deciding that blood money—compensation paid to relatives for the death or injury of a family member—would be equal between men and women and no longer would a woman’s compensation be worth half of a man’s.

IranSource by Tahereh Hadian-Jazy


Thu, Aug 1, 2019

Sanctioning Iran’s top diplomat increases chance for US-Iran war

Running out of targets for sanctions, the Trump administration has now put Iran’s chief diplomat on its list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons.

IranSource by Barbara Slavin


Wed, Jul 31, 2019

The IRGC should be held accountable for rights abuses

Up until recently, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) was an organization relatively unknown to the American public. However, with the Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign on Iran threatening to boil over into actual military confrontation, and the IRGC’s announcements of downing an American drone and seizing oil tankers, the increasing references to this group in the mainstream news and on social media may soon make it a household name.

IranSource by Gissou Nia

Human Rights Iran

Mon, Jul 29, 2019

Lebanon is incapable of implementing UN Security Council Resolution 1701

On its thirteen anniversary, UN Security Council Resolution 1701—intended to degrade and disarm the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah—is no closer to fulfilment than on the day it was passed.

IranSource by David Daoud

Iran Israel

Fri, Jul 26, 2019

Under US sanctions, Iran regional influence grows

All US secondary sanctions on Iran’s core economic sectors were re-imposed by the Trump administration in November 2018 as a direct consequence of its withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

IranSource by Kenneth Katzman


Wed, Jul 24, 2019

Will the UK’s new prime minister take Trump’s side on Iran?

In recent months, a host of developments have fueled significant tension between the United Kingdom and Iran. The UK Parliament’s decision to classify Lebanese militant group Hezbollah “in its entirety” as a terrorist organization earlier this year, London siding with the Trump administration against Iran in the June 20 drone incident, and the tanker detainment episodes in Gibraltar and the Strait of Hormuz this month have driven this downward trajectory in UK-Iran relations.

IranSource by Giorgio Cafiero and Andreas Krieg


Mon, Jul 22, 2019

Tensions in the Persian Gulf reflect power struggle inside Iran

Throughout the past four decades, US observers have disagreed about the nature of Iran’s factional politics and some have even questioned whether real differences exist. Rising tensions in the Persian Gulf seem to reflect Iran’s unified reaction to the US “maximum pressure” campaign.

IranSource by Noah Annan