Event Recap

Nov 13, 2023

Fostering Growth: Women in Bahrain’s fintech sector

By Nibras Basitkey

Event recap for Bahrain second workshop, focused on Bahrain’s booming fintech industry and the growing role of women in the sector.

Economy & Business Middle East

Event Recap

Oct 30, 2023

Navigating the future of women’s healthcare in Saudi Arabia: Insights and challenges

By Lynn Monzer

Event recap for Women’s economic participation and its impact on healthcare in Saudi Arabia

Economy & Business Middle East


Aug 11, 2023

AlDhabi AlMheiri: Meet the nine-year-old driving change in the UAE, one book at a time

By Holly Dagres

AlDhabi AlMheiri is the youngest Emirati entrepreneur and youngest publisher. The nine-year-old was interviewed by our MENASource editor about her remarkable entrepreneurial journey and achievements.

Education Middle East


Aug 9, 2023

I spoke to an AI ‘God.’ We chatted about the ethical implications of artificial intelligence in the MENA

By Sarah Zaaimi

An artificial intelligence “God” is the tip of the iceberg on the ethical implications of AI use in a socially and culturally complex region.

Artificial Intelligence Middle East


Aug 8, 2023

Corruption reigns supreme in Iran—and it’s getting worse 

By Nadereh Chamlou

The frequently publicized cases of bribery, embezzlement, or diversion of funds have become routine in Iran.

Corruption Economy & Business

Event Recap

Jul 31, 2023

Empowering the future: The rising women workforce in Saudi Arabia’s private sector

By Lynn Monzer, Nibras Basitkey

Event recap on the empowering future of the workplace in Saudi Arabia and its impact on the private sector.

Economy & Business Future of Work

Event Recap

Jul 24, 2023

Bridging the gender gap in venture capital

By Lynn Monzer, Nibras Basitkey

Event recap on the significance of venture funding for women entrepreneurs in the UAE.

Economy & Business Middle East


Jul 14, 2023

After Tunisia expelled 1,200 Black Africans, here’s how the West can help avoid a humanitarian disaster

By Alissa Pavia and Tarek Megerisi

The West has the opportunity to prevent further deaths while simultaneously establishing resolutions to the migration predicament in Tunisia.

Civil Society Human Rights


Jun 9, 2023

Saudi Arabia is requiring companies to establish headquarters in the kingdom. That strategy may pay off. 

By Stefanie Hausheer Ali

Saudi Arabia’s goal is to get 480 companies to open regional headquarters by 2030 to grow the Saudi economy.

Economy & Business Middle East


May 31, 2023

Time to double down: ICC arrest warrants in Libya are a great start but Libyans deserve more

By Christopher “Kip” Hale

While these ICC arrest warrants may be the accountability spark Libya desperately needs, the country will require more to be uprooted.

Libya Middle East

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