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With North Korea outreach stalled, South Korea’s Moon looks to Trump for a way forward

  • Washington Post – Adam Taylor & Michelle Lee 04/09/2019

AAJA expresses deep concerns about the public targeting of AAJA journalist in Seoul

  • AAJA – Michelle Lee – 04/09/2019

South Korean president Moon seeks deal, maybe a new summit, for Trump and Kim Jong Un

  • USA TODAY – Deirdre Shesgreen – 04/10/2019

South Korean president Moon Jae-in appeals to Trump to revive peace talks

  • CBS News – Olivia Gazis – 04/10/2019

South Korea could be betrayed by Trump’s auto tariffs

  • POLITICO – Megan Cassella – 04/11/2019

Trump welcomes South Korean president in 1st big test after Hanoi summit collapse

  • ABC News – Conor Finnegan – 04/11/2019

The Plan to Resurrect the North Korea Nuclear Talks

  • The Atlantic – Uri Friedman – 04/11/2019

The high-stakes meeting Trump hopes will help end the North Korea stalemate

  • CNN – Kylie Atwood – 04/11/2019

Amid stalled North Korea nuclear talks, Trump welcomes South Korea president after Hanoi summit collapse

  • ABC News – Conor Finnegan – 04/11/2019

Negotiations between Trump, North Korea at a standstill, but optimism still in force at DMZ

  • USA Today – Deirdre Shesgreen – 04/22/2019

Kim Jong Un to meet Vladimir Putin as North Korea pivots to Russia for help

  • ABC News – Conor Finnegan – 04/24/2019

America’s Alliance System Will Face One of Its Biggest Tests Yet

  • The Atlantic – Uri Friedman – 05/23/19

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Jan 29, 2019

Atlantic Council Announces Inaugural Korea Journalist Fellowship Class

WASHINGTON, DC – The Atlantic Council announced today the selection of its inaugural class of Fellows for its Korea Journalist Fellowship Program. The Fellowship is a unique opportunity for early and mid-career, US-based journalists working in US media to develop a deeper knowledge of the most critical economic and security issues on the Korean peninsula […]

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