A transatlantic charter of Afghanistan

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Inside the Taliban’s gender apartheid

Mar 7, 2024

Inside Afghanistan’s gender apartheid: Listen as women reveal the impact of the Taliban’s oppressive decrees

Since the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021, women have battled against increasingly severe restrictions on education, employment, and daily public life. This report, a joint effort by the Civic Engagement Project and the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center, underscores their remarkable resilience and unyielding spirit in the face of gender apartheid.

Afghanistan Human Rights
A man rides a boat past toll plaza amid flood water on main Indus highway, following rains and floods during the monsoon season in Sehwan, Pakistan.

Issue Brief

Sep 15, 2023

Empowering Pakistan’s youth to address climate change risks

By Omaer Naeem

Pakistan is highly vulnerable to climate change impacts like flooding and heatwaves. Empowering Pakistani youth in climate adaptation is critical as they will face intensified effects. This brief advocates for greater involvement of youth through grassroots organization, policy advocacy, innovative solutions, and strengthening international cooperation on climate action.

Civil Society Pakistan

Issue Brief

Jun 29, 2023

How to advance women’s rights in Afghanistan

By Roya Rahmani

Providing Afghan women with rights and opportunities must be at the top of the regional and global security agenda.

Afghanistan Civil Society

Issue Brief

May 8, 2023

Bangladesh draft data protection act 2023: Potential and pitfalls

By Christabel Randolph

The Bangladesh government’s updated draft data protection bill is a welcome revision of its 2022 attempt to address the country’s lack of a comprehensive data protection law, but there is still room for constructive change to heighten regulatory certainty.

Bangladesh Digital Policy

Issue Brief

May 4, 2023

India’s personal data protection act and the politics of digital governance

By Stephen Weymouth

The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill of 2022 aims to balance the interests of Indian consumers seeking enhanced privacy and data security against the business need for unconstrained data flows.

Digital Policy Economy & Business

Issue Brief

Apr 17, 2023

Pakistan’s rapidly digitizing society requires clear policymaking

By Uzair Younus

This issue brief provides recommended steps that policymakers in Pakistan ought to take to address key concerns around free expression on the internet, and to generate momentum to catalyze higher levels of growth in Pakistan’s technology ecosystem.

Digital Policy Economy & Business
A mother and a daughter in India

Issue Brief

Mar 27, 2023

The future of women in India: Barriers, facilitators and opportunities

By Amita N. Vyas, Misha Iqbal, Capucine Querenet, Harris Samad, Irfan Nooruddin

This issue brief describes cross-cutting themes, a proposed theory of change, and recommendations that emerged from the Atlantic Council and US Department of State expert convening, “Future of Women and Work in South Asia” on how to foster cross-sectoral collaboration and catalyze knowledge sharing to support women’s economic empowerment in South Asia.

Education India

Issue Brief

Mar 8, 2023

Inside Bangladesh’s new data protection laws

By Stephen Weymouth

The 2022 Draft Data Protection Act (DPA), which establishes new restrictions related to the processing, storage, and transfer of data, appears to move Bangladesh’s digital governance in a different direction.

Bangladesh Digital Policy


Dec 16, 2022

Global China in Africa: Documenting Indian perspectives from Ghana

By Veda Vaidyanathan and Arhin Acheampong

Partly due to the lack of alternative options, China is quickly becoming a partner of choice, and several African countries are keen to explore the many possibilities of working together.

Africa China


Oct 3, 2022

Pakistan sees growing culture of innovation amid tech startup boom

By Hamna Tariq and Uzair Younus

A tightening global macro environment coupled with increasing domestic political instability is a cause of concern for the sector, especially the domestic startup economy.

Economy & Business Entrepreneurship