July 6, 2011

A new Atlantic Council report summarizes two years’ worth of rich and deep discussions from our “Mapping the Economic and Financial Future” speakers’ forum. Our Global Business and Economics Program has partnered with Deutsche Bank on this important initiative to help build the intellectual foundation for understanding the financial crisis, and drive the debate on how the global economy can return to growth. 

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Drawing on the expertise of top minds in business, government, and global financial institutions, the report defines the causes of the crisis, assesses the effects, and identifies solutions.  The major findings include: 

  • Political leadership will define success or failure: Politicians must see and act globally, making the domestic case for a strong, stable, and safe global economic framework.
  • Competitiveness is the path toward balanced growth: Growth will come from far-sighted, long-term investments in education and innovation, which will reorient economies towards the industries of the future.
  • The financial sector is a means, not an end: Defining the role of our financial sector will help determine our priorities for reform.

Mapping the Economic and Financial Future Events  
  • The Greek Crisis: The View from Washington with Ambassador Kaskarelis
  • Moving Forward: The Economic Agendas of Europe’s Newly Elected Governments with Antonio López-Istúriz
  • Responses to the Financial Crisis: A European Viewpoint with Andreas Schieder
  • Negotiating the Fate of Europe’s Debt with Georges Heinrich
  • The Euro in 2011: The Future of Sovereign Debt
  • The G-20 in 2011: Assessing the Past and Predicting the Future 
  • Reforming Global Finance for the Economic Recovery with Senator Dodd 
  • The New Rules: Reform in Transatlantic Financial Markets with Christine Lagarde
  • Eurozone Crisis: Threat of Sovereign Debt Default with Leszek Balcerowicz
  • Gary Gensler: Financial Reforms and the Global Economic Recovery
  • Robert Zoellick Assesses the World Economy
  • Reforming the World Bank and IMF: A Conversation with Nancy Birdsall
  • Tim Adams on China and the Global Economic Recovery
  • EU Commissioner Charlie McCreevy: Regulating Financial Markets in Crisis
  • Youssef Boutros Ghali Discusses IMF, Economic Crisis
  • Josef Ackermann on the Global Economic and Financial Crisis
  • Kroes Speaks on Economic Crisis