The coronavirus pandemic presents a substantial shock to the postwar order, established by the United States and its allies, which for the past 75 years has promoted liberal democratic values, an open global economy, and formal institutional bodies backed by powerful democratic states.

This framework is a preliminary look at the geopolitical implications of a crisis that is still unfolding. It begins by outlining health and economic prospects of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as implications of the United States’ global leadership in weathering the storm.


Scenarios for a Post-COVID world

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The COVID-19 crisis around the world

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Tue, Jun 2, 2020

China delayed coronavirus information, reports Associated Press; Hong Kong cluster concerns

China dragged its feet on giving the World Health Organization the information it needed on coronavirus in January, The Associated Press reported. Hong Kong extended restrictions after a cluster of new cases raised concerns, while the death toll in the United Kingdom approached 50,000.

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Mon, Jun 1, 2020

Scientists urge caution on easing lockdowns; restrictions gradually lifted in some hard-hit countries

As lockdown restrictions eased in countries from Spain to the United Kingdom, Russia to India, scientists urged caution about moving too fast. Concerns were raised too about the risks of new coronavirus infections as thousands of civil-rights protesters gathered in cities across the United States.

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Fri, May 29, 2020

India, Pakistan post record daily cases, deaths; limited social life resumes in England

India and Pakistan posted record numbers of infections and deaths from coronavirus, while in South Korea schools had to close again just days after they reopened because of a spike in cases. Limited social gatherings will be allowed in England starting from next week.

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