By: Ronald Marks

What is the kernel of the issue?

As the United States’ preponderant position in the world continues to decline relative to other major powers, it needs to go beyond its Cold War-based, self-defining aphorisms such as “Leader of the Free World” and “World’s Largest Super Power” to guide an adapted US foreign policy.

Why is the issue important?

The United States is wasting valuable national political, economic, and military resources on “strategic” engagements around the world that we can little afford as our relative position among nations declines. Moreover, we are consequently distributing those increasingly dear resources ineffectively in the 21st century domains of land, sea, air, space, and cyber.

What is the recommendation?

The Biden administration should take a page from President Eisenhower’s book and gather people across the public and private sector to produce a new Project Solarium guiding our long-term, five-domain foreign policy reflecting America’s position and desires as a leader—not  the leader—in the 21st century.