About Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate 2015

About The Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate 2015

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Building on the success of the First Annual Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate, the EPC seeks to address global geopolitical shifts and the changing nature of the world order, new forms of terrorism and extremism, strategic shocks and the global futures, and regional security issues with a special focus on current and emerging challenges of strategic interest to the UAE and the Gulf sub-region.

The Second Annual Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate seeks to contribute to the advancement of our understanding of future trends in international politics and to the development of actionable policy recommendations. The Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate is a unique opportunity to outline and present a wide array of strategic objectives, interests, and ideas on foreign policy and security issues. Prominent international, regional, and national politicians and experts on Davos-styled panels that are set to focus and discuss specific issues.