US-India Trade Initiative

An Initiative by the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center 

The United States and India have established a solid basis for security cooperation in the greater South Asia region, but a burgeoning trade relationship has yet to materialize. Recognizing the imperative of bolstering the trade relationship between the world’s largest economy and the world’s fastest growing economy, the US and India have set an ambitious goal raise the current trade levels from $100 billion to a projected $500 billion in the next ten years. The initiative will tap into the Atlantic Council’s extensive network to convene thought leadership and policy-makers in an effort to maintain focus on the importance of a burgeoning trade relationship between the United States and India. The potential for further trade development exists within several sectors including defense, financial services, insurance, energy, infrastructure, life sciences, automotive, and heavy machinery. Critical benefits of such development include stronger job growth and entrepreneurship in both countries. For the US-India relationship to fulfill its potential as one of the “defining partnerships of the 21st century,” economic collaboration and growth must be a priority.