Participate in a live conversation with the Chairman of Ukraine’s National Security Council, Andriy Parubiy.

As troops mass at the Crimean border and the risk of war between Ukraine and Russia grows, Ukrainian leaders have attempted to translate their successful nonviolent strategy on the Maidan into a means for easing tensions with an increasingly aggressive Russia.

With every passing day, however, this approach appears less viable. How will Ukraine’s leadership navigate this crisis and avoid bloodshed with their neighbors to the east?

Join our live webcast with Ukrainian National Security Council Chairman Andriy Parubiy for an overview of the interim government’s strategy for de-escalating tensions with Russia and averting armed conflict.

Informally dubbed “the commandant of the Maidan,” Parubiy rose to prominence for his coordination of the Euromaidan protesters’ self-defense forces and helped negotiate a cease-fire with police following some of the worst of the bloodshed. He has served as a lawmaker in the Verkhovna Rada since 2007, first for Our Ukraine, then for Fatherland.