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Apr 12, 2024

Dispatch from Gaza: ‘My son, every night he screams and convulses’

By Arwa Damon

Arwa Damon arrived in the Gaza Strip on a humanitarian mission for her charity, INARA, two days after the Israeli airstrike on the World Central Kitchen convoy. This is what she saw.

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New Atlanticist

Apr 12, 2024

Why the White House wants to know what time it is on the Moon

By Lloyd Whitman

Developing international standards for keeping time on the Moon could be critical for the success of planned crewed lunar missions.

China Space

Blog Post

Apr 12, 2024

State of the Order: Continuing challenges to the world order raise the urgency for Gaza ceasefire and Ukraine aid

The State of the Order breaks down the month’s most important events impacting the democratic world order.

Africa Economy & Business

New Atlanticist

Apr 12, 2024

Dispatch from Kyiv: Ukraine is fighting for its economic survival, too

By Olga Khakova, Charles Lichfield

The longer the war lasts, the more it will consume funds initially meant for long-term investments and reconstruction.

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Global China

Apr 12, 2024

Global China Newsletter – Risky Business: The Challenge of Reducing Dependencies on China

By Dexter Tiff Roberts

The third 2024 edition of the Global China Newsletter.

China Economic Sanctions

New Atlanticist

Apr 12, 2024

As Sogavare seeks reelection in the Solomon Islands, China’s influence is on the ballot

By Parker Novak

The April 17 elections in the Solomon Islands will determine whether the country doubles down on its ties with China or changes course.

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Apr 12, 2024

Iranians sacrificed their lives to share videos of regime violence. Now there’s an online archive for the world to see. 

By Cameran Ashraf

The Iranian Archive holds more than one million videos to ensure that the Women, Life, Freedom uprising led by women would not be erased.

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Brazil G20 bilboard


Apr 12, 2024

Brazil’s approach to the G20: Leading by example

By Hung Tran

Brazil’s non-aligned, cooperative, and practical approach holds out the promise of a constructive outcome for this year’s G20 meetings—especially if progress is measured by concrete global initiatives.

Brazil G20


Apr 11, 2024

Ukraine pleads for Patriot air defense systems as Russia destroys power grid

By Peter Dickinson

Officials in Kyiv are calling on partners to urgently supply Patriot systems as Russia capitalizes on Ukraine’s weakening air defenses to methodically destroy the country’s power grid, writes Peter Dickinson.

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New Atlanticist

Apr 11, 2024

IMF head Kristalina Georgieva on how to avoid ‘the Tepid Twenties’ for the global economy

By Katherine Walla

“Making the right policy choices will define the future of the world economy,” International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said at the Atlantic Council.

China Financial Regulation