Tue, Jan 5, 2021

How much money is the G20 spending?

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Our new fiscal firepower heat map, updated through December, shows how G20 COVID-19 crisis spending now compares to the Global Financial Crisis. While nearly every country is deploying its fiscal firepower significantly more than a decade ago, China is still spending less. The new US fiscal package means the US has the largest response of any advanced economy.

Check out the interactive map below to learn more about how each country is spending.

G20 Fiscal Firepower Heat Map (2020 vs. 2009)

Hover over a country to learn more:

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Wed, Jul 15, 2020

United G20 must pave the way for robust post-COVID-19 recovery

The world is facing unprecedented health and economic crises that require a global solution. Governments have locked down their economies to contain the mounting death toll from the COVID-19 pandemic. With this response well underway, now is the time to move into a recovery effort.

Issue Brief by Phil Thornton

China Coronavirus
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