As Cameron continues to walk the tight rope on Brexit, it is worth considering those Britons living abroad.

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The institutional parameters of the EU act to smooth the process for citizens seeking residency in other member states. For example, a British citizen has the right to work in any EU country without obtaining a work visa. This means full rights in regards to working conditions, pay, social security, and benefits.

Britain also maintains reciprocal health care with EU member states, allowing a British citizen living in Italy to have full access to the Italian healthcare system, for free or reduced cost in medical services.
Overall there are over 1.2 million British citizens living in the European Union. A significant portion of these landed in Spain, with nearly 400,000 residents. In France there are roughly 150,000, and in Germany close to 100,000. Meanwhile there are generally less British citizens living in Eastern Europe.

Although unlikely, if Britain does in fact leave the EU this significant portion of the British population will face major changes to their livelihoods.

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