Mon, Apr 20, 2020

Event recap | Strategic standards now, so people can return to work soon

Event Recap by Corina LJ DuBois

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On April 20, 2020, Dame Wendy Hall, Declan Kiranne, Jay Williams, Daniella Taveau, and John Ackerly shared perspectives on Strategic standards now, so people can return to work soon as part of a live video discussion moderated by Dr. David Bray, Atlantic Council GeoTech Center Director.

They discussed exploring the strategic standards required to properly identify, authenticate, and certify a workforce ready for work in a post-corona virus workplace. The panelists also discussed:

  • That if we think we will be “returning to work” the way we used to work, we are probably not recognizing how COVID-19 changes everything; moreover the lack of good data to inform these local decision and how “Data Trusts” might solve this.
  • The challenges of feeding the world during COVID-19, that there is enough food – just not distributed well with the COVID-19 breakdown; currently South Africa has 50% of its people needing food now.
  • How data and tech initiatives can use differential privacy and encryption in a way that preserves privacy and let us find ways to a new normal in which we will know when it is safe to travel, congregate together again, and start rebuilding our communities

Rebuilding from COVID-19 requires data-driven decisions, global partnerships, and intentional values baked-in to the tech solutions we employ.

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