NATO Parliamentary Assembly Calls for New Compact Between Europe and North America

NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Vilnius, June 1, 2014We must define the terms of a new compact between European and North American Allies. The current perception of an imbalance in the sharing of the burden for our security should be redressed.

The European Allies should contribute more to NATO and to their own security. NATO should not serve as a pretext or vehicle for European Allies to delegate the responsibility for their security to the United States. A stronger Europe in NATO will mean a stronger NATO. In turn, North America should be more open to co-operation with European Allies in research and innovation and to defence industrial partnerships.

European Allies should understand and recognise the growing significance of political, economic and security interests in Asia. North American and European Allies will continue to remain each other’s partner of choice, and should work together to develop common approaches in dealing with regional and global security challenges.

As a matter of urgency, NATO and the European Union must develop a plan for ensuring that each organisation’s unique strengths and abilities are employed coherently to best address the challenges their member nations face.

Excerpt from the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s “Declaration on Transatlantic Relations,” June 1, 2014.

Image: NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Vilnius, June 1, 2014 (photo: NATO Parliamentary Assembly)