Swedish Military Desires Cyber-Attack Capability

The Swedish armed forces want to develop “offensive cyber capabilities”The Swedish armed forces want to build their capability to attack other countries’ computer networks. In a recent report on the long term strategic planning, the armed forces stress the need to also go on the offensive as part of the cyber defence.  . . .

[I]n the armed forces’ latest forward planning document that was handed over to the government the other week, there is a repeated mention of the need to develop what is called “offensive cyber capabilities”. The Social Democrat spokesperson on defence Peter Hultqvist thinks this is the right way forward.

“The technical development takes its course and this is an area where, if you are serious in thinking about the future, you have to keep up and in some way develop our capabilities. And when you speak of capabilities, it means defensive as well as offensive ones,” he says.

The report notes that several countries already have or is currently developing a cyber defence that is prepared also to launch strikes in cyber space. The conclusion is that tf Sweden does not keep up with this development, it risks becoming more vulnerable and exposed. In addition, the Swedish Armed forces would like to develop capabilities in space and so called unmanned systems. 

Image: The Swedish armed forces want to develop “offensive cyber capabilities” (graphic: Voice of America)