US Air Force General Calls For An F-22 Base In Europe

An F-22 Raptor fighter jet, May 12, 2015In light of Russia’s recent aggressive action in Europe, the commander of US Air Forces Europe is calling for a rotational F-22 Raptor base in the region.

The Air Force last month deployed four F-22s to Europe for the first time ever as part of the European Reassurance Initiative, a Pentagon effort to soothe anxiety among European allies facing a resurgent Russia.

The move may be the first step in establishing a rotational base for the fifth-generation fighter jet, Gen. Frank Gorenc, commander of US Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa, indicated Wednesday at the Air Force Association’s annual conference….

“You can bet that I will be asking for that capability,” Gorenc said when asked whether the Air Force is considering a permanent F-22 base in Europe. “I recognize there’s priorities to be accomplished and I’m hoping that we every once in a while come above the line. but I think we’re ready, we proved a lot.”

Image: An F-22 Raptor fighter jet, May 12, 2015 (photo: Sgt. Jeremy Lock/USAF)