A Nonstate Strategy for Saving Cyberspace

“A Nonstate Strategy for Saving Cyberspace,” the newest Atlantic Council Strategy Paper, written by Jay Healey and featuring a foreword by Atlantic Council Senior Fellow Jeff Moss, posits that the only way to ensure cyberspace remains as free, resilient, secure and awesome for future generations is to flip the relationship between Internet attackers and defenders, making cyber defense easier than offense. This is only possible, Healey argues, when new technology, policy and practice are applied patiently, internationally, at scale, and with the private sector out front.

The paper’s launch event began with a run through of the pertinent points of the report by Healey. He was then joined by Brunswick Group’s Siobhan Gorman and MITRE Corporation’s Bobbie Stempfley for a conversation on the report’s recommendations, which was moderated by the Wall Street Journal’s Shane Harris. The panel engaged with members of the audience throughout the discussion to encourage greater dialogue and debate.

The Atlantic Council Strategy Papers series is designed to enrich the public debate and build consensus on the great strategic challenges of our time, as well as to help shape strategic thinking in US and allied governments, the private and nonprofit sectors, and the global media. Check out the entire series on the Strategy Initiative’s microsite, ACStrategy.net.

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Image: Jay Healey discusses his new report, “A Nonstate Strategy for Saving Cyberspace”, with Wall Street Journal’s Shane Harris, MITRE Corporation’s Bobbie Stempfley, and Brunswick Group’s Siobhan Gorman.