Eyewitness: Battle for Ukraine

On Tuesday, August 12th, the Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center hosted an on-the-record small group discussion with one of Ukraine’s most prominent journalists, Mustafa Nayyem. The event was introduced and moderated by Atlantic Council Writer and Editor Irena Chalupa.

Mustafa Nayyem discussed the current situation in Ukraine, including topics such as Ukrainian identity, and what the United States and Ukrainian governments should be doing. The participants discussed various tactics to restore order to the East of Ukraine, and the potential role foreign powers could play in ensuring peace arises. Corruption as well as the efficacy of civil society in bringing about decisive change in the country were other topics of debate. Mustafa Nayyem ended the discussion on a lighter note, highlighting the progress that has been made by the Ukrainian military and civil society in the Maidan protests.

20140813 Battle for Ukraine-2

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