Launch of ‘Embracing Impact’

On Thursday, April 14, the Africa Center hosted a panel discussion occasioned by the publication of the new Atlantic Council issue brief, Embracing Impact: How Africa Can Overcome the Emerging Market Downturn, by Africa Center Director J. Peter Pham and Senior Fellow Aubrey Hruby.

Pham welcomed attendees to the event and, with Hruby, gave an overview of the study, which explores how falling commodity prices and a slowdown in the world’s emerging markets has hurt the steady economic growth of many African countries. But the authors noted that not all African countries will be negatively affected; some countries not dependent on commodities actually stand to benefit from current economic conditions.


Pham and Hruby were then joined by Uche Orji, CEO and Managing Director of the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Agency, for a lively discussion. Orji recounted his experience in Nigeria—one of the countries hardest hit by plummeting oil prices—and noted that he was hopeful about the country’s ability to make the reforms needed for long-term, sustainable growth.

For more on the event, see “Africa’s ‘Perfect Storm.’”

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This report is part of a partnership between the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center and the OCP Policy Center and is made possible by generous support through the OCP Foundation.

Image: Left to right: J. Peter Pham, Director of the Atlantic Council Africa Center; Aubrey Hruby, Africa Center Senior Fellow; and Uche Orji, CEO and Managing Director of the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Agency