On August 28, the International Security Program hosted the Moldovan Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta, together with prominent representatives from the US government and think tank community for a private strategy session.

The minister presented an overview of the current political and security environment in Moldova, including changes within the Ministry of Defense, cooperation with NATO, UN and EU, and the way ahead for Moldova leading up to the 2014 parliamentary elections. The group engaged in a discussion with Minister Marinuta on a number of key issues, including Moldova’s current and future energy security situation, steps toward EU integration, and US and European interests in the region.

A career soldier, Mr. Marinuta was appointed Minister of Defense out of his military retirement in September 2009. Prior to his retirement in 2007, he was chief of the International Cooperation & Euro-Atlantic Integration section at the Moldovan Ministry of Defense. From 2005 to 2006, he was a military policy planning staff officer at US CENTCOM in Tampa, Florida.