Transition Seminar for Rose Gottemoeller, NATO’s Next Deputy Secretary General

On September 8, the Atlantic Council hosted a transition seminar for Rose Gottemoeller, NATO’s Next Deputy Secretary General and current Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security at the US Department of State. After more than a decade of distinguished public service, Under Secretary Gottemoeller will assume her new position at a critical time for the Alliance.

As she prepares to depart for Brussels, this of-the-record transition seminar convened top experts and former officials from NATO and elsewhere to share their insights and perspectives on the range of challenges facing the Alliance. The seminar included a number of different functional briefing sessions, which touched on everything from information sharing to confronting threats along Europe’s eastern and southern flanks.

To bookend these conversations, the Council also hosted a private, high-level dinner for Under Secretary Gottemoeller, which gathered transatlantic leaders and former senior officials to discuss NATO’s strategic priorities moving forward.

Image: (Damon Wilson, Executive Vice President for Programs and Strategy of the Atlantic Council and Rose Gottemoeller, NATO’s Next Deputy Secretary General).