Brian Mefford

  • Two Months After Elections, Moldovan Political Gridlock Deepens the Country’s Risks

    Pro-Europe Parties Won a Narrow Victory at the Polls, But Can’t Agree on a Government

    Eight weeks after voters in Moldova gave a narrow victory to the three main parties inclined toward greater democracy and ties with Europe, those groups are locked in a political battle that has prevented the formation of a government. The three-party coalition, called the Alliance for European Integration, which broke the Communists’ eight-year hold on power in 2009, is at an impasse over the distribution of government posts, writes Atlantic Council Senior Fellow Brian Mefford.

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  • Ukraine's Crisis in 2015: What to Expect

    Donbas War Will Last All Year; May Be Settled With Early Parliament Election, Mefford Writes

    How predictable is Ukraine’s coming year, given its financial crisis, its untested new government and, above all, its war against Russia and its proxy forces in the southeastern region of Donbas? Not very predictable, notes the Atlantic Council’s Kyiv-based senior fellow, Brian Mefford. But good analysis can help, and Mefford surveys the landscape of this crisis to offer eight predictions as we start 2015:

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  • Ukraine's Got Talent: New Anti-Corruption Bureau Includes Big Names

    Still, Ukrainians Wait to See Concrete Steps to Enda System of Graft

    Ukraine’s new government is on track to pass a painfully austere budget by the end of the year, according to the Atlantic Council’s Kyiv-based senior fellow, Brian Mefford. The other center of attention is the government’s establishment of a National Anti-Corruption Bureau, Mefford writes in his blog this week.

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  • Measuring Ukraine’s War on Corruption: Key Signs to Watch in Early 2015

    As Ukraine’s new government has taken office and vows to clean up endemic corruption—publicly perceived as Europe’s worst, according to Transparency International—here are some leading indicators of its progress, as suggested by the Atlantic Council’s Kyiv-based senior fellow, Brian Mefford. You can find his full essay on this at his own blog.

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  • Ukraine’s New Cabinet Lineup Offers Broad Competence for Reforms

    Atlantic Council Analyst Lists Whom to Watch in the Battle to Improve Governance and Economy

    Ukraine’s overhauled cabinet lineup, now complete, offers clues to the new leadership’s seriousness and competence for its critical task of reforms. For a government that must decentralize governance, make official transactions transparent, prosecute and prevent graft, rebuild its finances, resuscitate its economy—and fight a war against Russia—the good news is that the Cabinet includes many new faces and is heavily loaded with real-world business experience.

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  • After Moldova’s Election: Will Prime Minister Leanca Keep His Job?

    Atlantic Council Senior Fellow Brian Mefford on Implications of the November 30 Vote

    As Moldova’s pro-European parties negotiate on the shape of a new governing coalition, Prime Minister Iurie Leanca could come under pressure to step aside for another leader, says Atlantic Council Senior Fellow Brian Mefford. That’s because Leanca’s Liberal Democrat party saw a 9 percent drop in its vote percentage in the November 30 parliamentary election, compared to the vote in 2010.

    Mefford, a political analyst and consultant based in Kyiv, is a longtime elections observer in Eastern Europe and executive director of the Committee for Open Democracy, a non-profit election monitoring group. Mefford observed the Moldovan vote and offers four key observations. (You can read a fuller version of his analysis on his blog.)

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  • Ukraine’s New Government: The Names Emerge

    We can expect Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, to meet this week to vote on the country’s new government. The political parties of President Petro Poroshenko, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and their allies are close to completing negotiations and announcing their choices for the new Cabinet of Ministers. Critically, a delegation is in Kyiv from the International Monetary Fund, upon which Ukraine must rely for the cash to see it through multi-layered crises. The IMF has insisted upon meeting with the new cabinet before the fund’s team leaves Kyiv on November 25.

    Below are many of the key appointments now under discussion, following Yatsenyuk’s presentation of his candidates on Friday, according to the Atlantic Council’s Kyiv-based senior fellow, Brian Mefford. You can see Brian’s...

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  • Ukraine’s New Government: Here’s What to Expect

    Amid Horse-Trading by Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk, a New Parliament Speaker Is Likely

    The Atlantic Council’s Kyiv-based senior fellow, Brian Mefford, writes on the likely makeup of Ukraine’s post-election government. His key observations are below, and you can read his detailed analysis on his own blog.

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  • Kyiv-Based Brian Mefford Named Atlantic Council Senior Fellow

    The Atlantic Council has named Brian Mefford, a Kyiv-based business and political consultant with more than fifteen years of experience in Eastern Europe, as a nonresident senior fellow in its Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center. Mefford will join the Council’s growing team supporting its Ukraine-in-Europe Initiative. A long-time observer of Ukrainian politics, Mefford will bolster the Council’s analysis of domestic Ukrainian politics.

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