Turkey weekly news roundup – July 8, 2020

Presidents Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Vladimir Putin, and Hassan Rouhani meet virtually to discussion Syria settlerment.

Below is a selection of articles on Turkey we have been following, covering the most important issues over the past week.

Trilateral meeting on Syria

Al Jazeera: Iran, Russia Turkey in talks to find political solution for Syria

In the first Summit since last September held under the Astana format, the leaders of Turkey, Russia and Iran met virtually for talks on Syria. The talks follow a delicate ceasefire agreement brokered by Russia and Turkey this March which has largely held. The three sides agreed on the need for a political solution in Syria and welcomed an upcoming meeting of the Syrian constitutional committee in August.

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EU-Turkey Relations

US-Turkey defense ties: F-35

Bloomberg: Turkey to Keep Making F-35 Parts Through 2022, Pentagon Says

According to US Defense officials, the Pentagon will continue to source key F-35 components from Turkish defense contractors through 2022,. Although Turkey was officially kicked out of the F-35 program last year a Defense Department spokesperson said in a statement that a decision was made late last year “to honor existing contractual arrangements, and accept delivery of parts that were already on contract” with the goal to “avoid costly, disruptive, and wasteful contract terminations”. The 2022 date was mentioned in a report on the F-35 by the Government Accountability Office in May which included a discussion about the program’s use of Turkish parts.

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