Atlantic Council’s Red de Apoyo launches #VenezuelaNecesitaAcuerdos campaign

The Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht Latin America’s Center organized a local and international women’s network – Red de Apoyo – consisting of more than sixty Venezuelan women leaders in politics and civil society, to intensify efforts for a negotiated solution to the political crisis.

#VenezuelaNecesitaAcuerdos Campaign Objectives and Impact

The Red de Apoyo launched their first campaign in October using the hashtag #Venezuela NecesitaAcuerdos, which translates to Venezuela needs accords. The campaign aimed to raise awareness on the importance of promoting a negotiated solution to address Venezuela’s political and humanitarian crisis, which disproportionately affects Venezuelan women.

#VenezuelaNecesitaAcuerdos was trending at number five on Venezuelan Twitter and over 5,000 related tweets reached over 10.5 million individuals. Influential figures that promoted the campaign included Ast Secretary Brian Nichols, Venezuelan actress Catherine Fulop (1.6M followers), and Henrique Capriles (7.1M followers). Beyond Venezuela and the US, the campaign was promoted in Colombia, Italy, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Peru, among other countries. 

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