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Nov 7, 2022

Live updates from COP27 as leaders battle climate change amid global crises

By Atlantic Council

Are global leaders heeding this year's wake-up calls with bold commitments at COP27? Our experts give their takes.

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy & Environment

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Sep 19, 2022

The 2022 Global Citizen Awards: Honoring the bridge-builders and peacemakers in a time of war

By Katherine Walla, Daniel Malloy

The Atlantic Council's annual gala honored three world leaders, an Academy Award-winning artist, Google's CEO, and the strength of the transatlantic relationship.

Conflict Indo-Pacific
Ukrainian forces deploy a HIMARS precision rocket launching system on July 5, 2022. (Source: EYEPRESS via Reuters Connect)

New Atlanticist

Jul 8, 2022

Russian War Report: Ukraine uses HIMARS effectively to hit Russian ammo dumps

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

Ukranian forces are using M142 HIMARS multiple rocket launchers to systematically target Russian ammunition storage facilities behind the frontlines.  

Disinformation Migration

New Atlanticist

Jun 7, 2022

Digital violence is the number one barrier to women participating in public life. Here’s how to start fixing it.

By Nick Fouriezos

Just 16 percent of women in politics said they received a timely and effective response to escalations of digital violence. It's time to fix that, say panelists at 360/Open Summit.

Africa Europe & Eurasia

New Atlanticist

Jun 6, 2022

Spyware like Pegasus is a warning: Digital authoritarianism can happen in democracies, too

By Nick Fouriezos

Journalists and citizens targeted by spyware warn the audience at the Digital Forensic Research Lab's 360/Open Summit about the proliferation of state-sponsored digital surveillance.

Africa Cybersecurity


Apr 11, 2022

The days of elite deals in Sudan should be over

By Cameron Hudson

It is not too late for Washington to correct the course on Sudan and help stave off another democracy-delaying elite pact.

Africa Politics & Diplomacy

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Apr 7, 2022

Peace in Europe ‘will not exist’ as long as Putin is in power, says Mikhail Khodorkovsky

By Katherine Walla

The exiled Russian businessman appeared at an Atlantic Council Front Page event, where he said the West can no longer bury its head in the sand when it comes to Putin's goals.

Conflict Europe & Eurasia
An eyewitness captures video of military helicopters approaching Belgorod, Russia. (Source: @UAWeapons/archive)

New Atlanticist

Apr 1, 2022

Russian War Report: Videos appear to show missiles striking Russian oil depot

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

Video surfaced showing a possible attack on a Russian oil depot in Belgorod. Elsewhere, a Russian official threatened Azerbaijan with nukes.

Belarus Conflict
A Russian tank spotted in southern Belarus. (Source: @tendar/euroradio)

New Atlanticist

Mar 30, 2022

Russian War Report: Contradictory reports of Russian vehicles returning to Belarus

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

Russian forces seen returning to Belarus, Telegram channels undermining peace talks with Ukraine, and how Russians continue using banned social media.

Belarus Conflict

New Atlanticist

Mar 28, 2022

Russian War Report: Additional units from Georgian breakaway regions join Russian offensive

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

Soldiers from the Georgian breakaway region of Abkhazia are confirmed to be providing military support for Russian forces in Ukraine.

Belarus Conflict