Join us on February 7th, 2024, for the final session of this year’s Bahrain WIn Fellowship. Our workshop, “Beyond the Start-Up: Navigating Scalability for Bahraini Women Entrepreneurs,” at 10:00 AM EST (6 PM Manama time), will offer key insights on growing businesses across the MENA region.

Bahrain’s commitment to advancing gender equality has seen remarkable improvements when it comes to women’s business participation, both in the public sector where women hold 54 percent of workforce, and in the private sector where they comprise 35 percent of the workforce. These figures come in light of improved legislations between 2020 and 2022 related to pay equity, entrepreneurship, and pensions; but also amidst efforts aimed at sustaining Bahrain’s liberal business environment, making it rank as the fourth most improved economy in the world as per the ease of doing business report published by the World Bank in 2020. These developments continue to support an environment conducive to innovation, creating along the way an attractive market for investors and offering a culture of mentorship for entrepreneurs in general, and businesswomen in particular.

As Bahraini women entrepreneurs seek expansion beyond their borders, this workshop will delve into effective scaling strategies, network leverage, and investor attraction, featuring wisdom from experienced business leaders. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the avenues of business scalability in Bahrain and beyond.

Speakers & Moderator

Roaya Al-Saleh
Founder and Owner
Villa Mamas Restaurants & Hospitality

Nawaf Mohamed AlKoheji
Chief Executive Officer

Omar Rifai
Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer

Ameera Mohamed (Moderator)
Senior Associate
Bahrain FinTech Bay

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