On November 14, the Atlantic Council IN TURKEY, together with The Energy Academic Group of the US Naval Postgraduate School, organized a conference on Black Sea Energy & Security, at Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, VA. The conference consisted of four panels focusing on global energy security challenges, security in the Black Sea region and energy exports, role of the Black Sea for European and global energy security, and developments in the Middle East and implications for energy security and the Black Sea. The conference gathered experts, business leaders, and diplomats.

Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, H.E. Dr. Alparslan Bayraktar joined the conference virtually to deliver his keynote remarks on Turkish energy strategy, regional cooperation, recent developments in the region, and green transition.

Ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt, Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of Energy Resources, US Department of State, participated in the conference by delivering keynote remarks on the US energy strategy and on European & Global Energy Security Challenges: Role of the Black Sea Region.

Photos from Black Sea Energy & Security Conference

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