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Join us for the public event, After the Insurrection: Countering Domestic Extremism in the US Military and Law Enforcement on April 6 at 1:00 – 2:00pm EDT. This conversation will examine the relationship between law enforcement, the military, and domestic violent extremist groups in the United States, what warning signs may have existed prior to the Capitol attack, and how and why extremist groups target law enforcement for their causes. This event will also aim to underscore the threats to public safety and trust that unaddressed insider threats can pose.

Dozens of individuals identified as current and former members of law enforcement and military have been arrested for participating in the January 6 insurrectionist attack on the United States Capitol building. Several Capitol Police officers have been suspended for their conduct during the insurrection. These arrests and suspensions have reinvigorated public criticisms of the way that police officers have treated right-wing domestic violent extremists (DVE) and prompted questions about the extent that extremist ideologies and sympathies exist within law enforcement agencies.

The panelists will discuss the scope of the current insider threat challenge posed by domestic extremist ideologies in the military and federal, state, and local law enforcement, as well as what can be done to build inclusive and effective interventions.

This event is hosted by the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, in partnership with the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, and Georgetown Law’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection.


Paul Goldenberg
Chairman and President
Cardinal Point Strategies
Senior Fellow
Rutgers University Miller Center

LTG. Russel L. Honoré
Lieutenant General (Retired)
United States Army

Mary McCord
Visiting Professor of Law and Legal Director for the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection
Georgetown Law School 
Former Acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security
US Department of Justice

Tom Warrick
Nonresident Senior Fellow
Rafik Hariri Center & Middle East Programs

Moderated by

Jared Holt
Resident Fellow
Digital Forensic Research Lab

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