Hostile foreign governments routinely interfere in elections and engage in social media campaigns that increase grievances and exploit social cleavages. Challenges to national security will increase as technology becomes ever more foundational to daily life. In Washington, these challenges are often addressed in policy dialogues without technologists in the room. 

This day-long conference seeks to address that gap: bringing technologists from Carnegie Mellon University and elsewhere to Washington to engage with policy experts to jointly develop solutions to some of these national security challenges.

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New Atlanticist

Dec 10, 2019

What the United States can learn from Europe on fighting cyberattacks and disinformation

By John Burton

If you want to deal effectively with cyber challenges then you need to address not just the computer part…but the political part as well, the human being behind the attack,” said Jonatan Vseviov, the Estonian ambassador to the United States.

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