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Event description

On this episode of the weekly GeoTech Hour, the GeoTech Center is returning to the fifth episode of the Data Salon Series, hosted in partnership with Accenture. This episode focuses on indigenous data sovereignty: what it means to indigenous populations, how it can be improved through re-thinking certain concepts of data ownership, and the challenges and opportunities in moving forward.

The leaders featured on the panel will discuss their work in deconstructing colonial approaches to data collection and governance. Typical Western-style data approaches not only fail to properly apply to the lives, cultures, and societies of indigenous peoples, but also misalign priorities in terms of indigenous understandings of communal identity and personal ownership. Each panelist is working within their own national and societal context to construct new structures for data governance, which both better serve indigenous communities and might be more effective for empowering the wider population.


Dr. Tahu Kukuthai
Professor, Population Studies and Demography
University of Waikato

Dr. Ray Lovett
Associate Professor
Australian National University 

Dr. Desi Rodriguez-Lonebear
Assistant Professor, Sociology and American Indian Studies
University of California – Los Angeles

Ms. Robyn Rowe
Research Associate, PhD Candidate
Laurentian University

Hosted by

David Bray, PhD
Director, GeoTech Center
Atlantic Council