The Atlantic Council invites you to the launch of a new issue brief by the Iran Task Force on November 8, 2013 from 9:30 to 11:00 am. The issue brief and conversation will focus on Iran’s relations with Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.
A conversation with
Fatemeh Aman
Global Media Trail

Laura Jean Palmer-Moloney
Senior Research Geographer
US Army Corps of Engineers

Barnett R. Rubin
Center on International Cooperation of New York University

Introduction by
Shuja Nawaz
Director, South Asia Center
Atlantic Council

Moderated by
Barbara Slavin
Senior Fellow, South Asia Center
Atlantic Council 

While usually thought of as a Middle Eastern country, Iran has equal if not greater affinity with the countries to its east.  Iranian actions will help determine how stable Afghanistan will be after the withdrawal of most US and NATO forces in 2014. The new brief, Iran, Afghanistan, and South Asia: Resolving Regional Sources of Instability, discusses how the United States can promote stability by supporting agreements and programs that increase the capacity of Iran and its eastern neighbors to deal with acute regional challenges, including scarce and poorly managed water resources, ethnic insurgencies, energy imbalances, and drug trafficking.

The Iran Task Force, chaired by Ambassador Stuart E. Eizenstat, seeks to perform a comprehensive analysis of Iran’s internal political landscape, its role in the region and globally, and any basis for an improved relationship with the West. It is supported generously by the Ploughshares Fund. 


When you arrive, please use the West Tower elevators.

This event will be available online via C-SPAN.