The Atlantic Council’s Freedom and Prosperity Center hosted a discussion between Mircea Geoană, Deputy Secretary General of NATO, and Dan Negrea, Senior Director of the Freedom and Prosperity Center, on Tuesday, May 9. 

Post-communist Eastern Europe has made impressive strides on the path to freedom and prosperity. The conversation focused on examining the most successful policies implemented on this path, as well as on exploring the future of Eastern Europe. Geoană and Negrea also touched upon the roles of the European Union and NATO in the region and in the reconstruction of Ukraine. 

Kelley E. Currie, former US Representative to the United Nations Economic and Social Council and alternative representative to the UN General Assembly, delivered opening remarks.


A conversation with

Mircea Geoană
Deputy Secretary General, NATO;
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Romania;
Former President of the Senate, Romania

Dan Negrea
Senior Director, Freedom and Prosperity Center, Atlantic Council

Opening remarks by

Kelley E. Currie
Former United States’ Representative, UN Economic and Social Council;
Former Alternative Representative, UN General Assembly

The Freedom and Prosperity Center aims to increase the prosperity of the poor and marginalized in developing countries and to explore the nature of the relationship between freedom and prosperity in both developing and developed nations.