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Join the Atlantic Council’s Europe Center for a conversation with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on the occasion of the public launch of its recent report, “North Macedonia on the Threshold of Europe.” The event will feature a conversation on the country’s current situation, post-COVID-19 priorities, progress toward EU accession, and a roadmap for reform. The discussion will include comments from the co-authors of the report, Damir Marusic and Dimitar Bechev, offering a snapshot of North Macedonia after another veto to EU accession talks.


Dec 9, 2020

North Macedonia on the threshold of Europe

By Damir Marusic, Dimitar Bechev

This report outlines the myriad challenges that face North Macedonia as it struggles to chart a path forward on EU accession and calls for Western leaders—especially those in Europe—to consider how they can be more productively and strategically engaged.

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In the early 2000s, North Macedonia was a frontrunner on the path to EU and NATO membership, but it has since been overtaken by a number of its neighbors. The historic Prespa Agreement in June 2018 resolved a deadlock between Athens and Skopje, unblocking integration into NATO and the EU on the condition that the country change its name to North Macedonia. On March 27, 2020, North Macedonia officially joined NATO. But Skopje remains on the cusp of launching accession negotiations with the EU. A historical dispute with Bulgaria has cropped up anew, further delaying North Macedonia’s full integration into the Euro-Atlantic community.


H.E. Zoran Zaev
Prime Minister of North Macedonia

Moderated by

Damon Wilson
Executive Vice President
Atlantic Council