Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Eurasian and Baltic countries have made significant leaps in economic and social development. As information technology (IT) continues to revolutionize the way economies and societies around the world grow and interact, its intensive development in the former Soviet space stands to enhance the region’s ongoing transformation. Such transformation can influence and raise a new generation of Western-oriented leaders who will steward the region along the path of modernization. Facilitating that development, however, will require guidance and expertise from governments and the IT sector in the West.

At this event, Anatoly Motkin, president and founder, StrategEast, a US-based strategic center, presents a report entitled “Changing Economy, Changing Society,” which examines the current state of the IT sector in Eurasia and the Baltic states and highlights the potential of the IT industry to facilitate further economic and social changes. This is followed by a discussion of the potential nature and scale of the digital transformation in the region and its influence on societies in the region.


Jun 20, 2018

Ten Ukrainian Technologies You May Already Be Using

By Ruslan Minich

What do Snapchat filters, liquid jet scalpels, Uber for yachts, and virtual reality gloves have in common? They are all decisively modern innovations that have emerged at the cutting edge of technological development—and they all demonstrate the ingenuity and economic dynamism of twenty-first century Ukraine.


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