As the global community continues to grapple with the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Atlantic Council is open for business. Our business, meetings, and events, however, are occurring virtually. For more information, please read an update from our President and CEO.

The Africa Investment Forum (AIF), in partnership with the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center, invites you to a private, off-the-record event previewing this year’s Africa Investment Forum, a flagship initiative of the African Development Bank in concert with its founding partners. The conversation will feature Ms. Chinelo Anohu, who is leading the AIF and will introduce the AIF marketplace and provide an update on this year’s conference. This roundtable serves as a first step toward advancing tangible investment deals as part of this year’s AIF agenda. Moderation will be provided by Africa Center Senior Fellow Ms. Aubrey Hruby.

AIF’s mission is to create a pipeline of bankable deals to present to investors in critical sectors across African markets and accelerate the progress of ongoing projects. The inaugural Africa Investment Forum 2018 (AIF2018) Boardrooms convened investors, project sponsors, and transaction facilitators around sixty-three deals valued at USD $46.9 billion. Significantly, the platform mobilized investment interests across forty-nine of these Boardroom deals worth USD $38.7 billion, across twenty-four countries. The 2019 edition (AIF2019) raised the bar even further. AIF2019 featured fifty-seven Boardroom deals valued at USD $67.7 billion and succeeded in crowding-in investment interests across fifty-two deals worth USD $40.1 billion, from twenty-five countries.

With the 2020 forum postponed due to the global pandemic, the third edition in November this year will be one of the first critical platforms for global investors to re-engage with African markets after a period in which travel and due diligence has been challenging. Join us for a conversation on the forum’s new and ambitious goals for 2021, and for a presentation of the global opportunities available across African sectors.

This invite-only, off-the-record event will take place on Tuesday July 13, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (ET) via Zoom. Please register below to confirm your attendance and receive Zoom details, or contact Alyssa Harvie at or +1 (202) 864-2806 with any questions or concerns.

Reminder that this event is invite-only. If you did not personally receive this link from the Africa Center, we ask you to please reach out to Alyssa Harvie at to request access.

This event is hosted in partnership with the Africa Investment Forum.

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