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Please join the Atlantic Council for a virtual private member briefing following the successful US-Africa Leaders Summit. With the US-Africa Leaders’ Summit having wrapped up and with Secretary Yellen’s 10-day trip to Senegal, Zambia, and South Africa in January, Africa is on the mind of many in the US. Africa’s voice, economic potential, and geopolitical posture are more critical than ever. With last year’s launch of a new US Strategy on sub-Saharan Africa that emphasized partnership, the US is attempting to reset its agenda on the continent at a time marked by heightened global geopolitical tension and economic uncertainty. The time of new alliances has come.

During the Summit, the Biden-Harris administration announced plans to invest $55 Billion in Africa over the next three years. While the United States is a stable partner for the continent, it invests less in Africa than in any other region. The US wants to send a clear signal to African nations that it genuinely values them as strategic and trusted partners in addressing global to help cure the world of multiple crises, including energy production, food insecurity, and job creation. How can it do this, and how is the US faring in this goal so far?

As the Africa Center played a major role in this Summit, from the Atlantic Council Welcome dinner (the largest gathering of Heads of States and Governments in the Atlantic Council’s history) to a historic partnership with the US Department of State on the organization of the official Diaspora Forum, it is well positioned to discuss about the next steps in the new geopolitical order. This event will provide expert analysis and thoughts on the Summit, the opportunities and limitations of US engagement/approaches toward Africa, Secretary Yellen’s recent trip, and if the US will be able to build on the commitments it made during the Summit to African Leaders.

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The Africa Center works to promote dynamic geopolitical partnerships with African states and to redirect US and European policy priorities toward strengthening security and bolstering economic growth and prosperity on the continent.