Please join the Atlantic Council GeoEconomics Center and Rhodium Group on Thursday, June 22nd at 9:15am (ET) for the launch of a major new study titled: “Sanctioning China in a Taiwan Crisis: Scenarios and Risks.”

In recent months, growing tensions in the Taiwan Strait as well as the rapid and coordinated G7 economic response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have raised questions—in G7 capitals and in Beijing alike—over whether similar measures could be imposed on China in a Taiwan crisis.

Over the past year, the teams from the Atlantic Council and Rhodium Group have hosted a series of in-person roundtables in both the US and Europe to understand the economic statecraft tools that would be available to G7 countries and assess the costs of possible sanctions responses to the US, European, Chinese, and global economy.

This event will introduce the key findings of the report and explain the thinking behind the economic costs associated with each scenario. Josh Lipsky, Senior Director of the Atlantic Council GeoEconomics Center, Agatha Kratz, Director at Rhodium Group, and Charlie Vest, Associate Director at Rhodium Group, will discuss the report’s findings and recommendations. This will be followed by a high-level panel discussion featuring Adam Szubin, Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence, Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies and former Acting Secretary of the US Treasury; Daleep Singh, Chief Global Economist, PGIM, and former US Deputy National Security Advisor; and Joerg Wuttke, President Emeritus, EU Chamber of Commerce in China.

Opening remarks

Josh Lipsky
Senior Director
Atlantic Council GeoEconomics Center


Agatha Kratz
Director, China Corporate Advisory Team
Rhodium Group

Daleep Singh
Chief Global Economist
Former US Deputy National Security Advisor
Executive Office of the President of the United States

Adam Szubin
Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence, 
Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies
Former Acting Secretary of the Treasury
US Department of Treasury

Joerg Wuttke
President Emeritus
EU Chamber of Commerce in China

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