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The Sentry released a new report, “Overt Affairs,” documenting how two North Korean businessmen openly busted international sanctions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). International sanctions programs on North Korea focus heavily on disrupting access to the international financial system due to the danger that revenue generated overseas could ultimately be used to fund the country’s nuclear weapons program. Private and public sector institutions in the DRC should have stopped this activity in its tracks, and the fact that they did not is more than a simple lapse. These frailties not only put the DRC’s banking sector and broader economy in significant danger, but they can also have global implications by undermining the effectiveness of international sanctions programs and the integrity of the international financial system.

Missed the event? Watch the webcast, featuring a panel with Congolese banker and citizen activist Mr. Floribert Anzuluni, counter-proliferation finance analyst Ms. Darya Dolzikova, and DRC expert Dr. Pierre Englebert, with moderation by Africa Center Director of Programs and Studies Ms. Bronwyn Bruton and an introduction to the report by The Sentry’s Senior Investigator Mr. John Dell’Osso. Bruton is joined by The Sentry’s Director of Illicit Finance Policy Ms. Hilary Mossberg in providing opening remarks.


Mr. Floribert Anzuluni
Coordinator, Filimbi Citizens’ Movement; Managing Partner
Nyfalm & Associés 

Ms. Darya Dolzikova
Research Analyst, Proliferation and Nuclear Policy Programme
Royal United Services Institute

Dr. Pierre Englebert
H. Russell Smith Professor of International Relations, Pomona College;
Senior Fellow, Africa Center

Atlantic Council

In conversation with

Ms. Bronwyn Bruton
Director of Programs and Studies, Africa Center
Atlantic Council

With remarks from

Mr. John Dell’Osso
Senior Investigator
The Sentry

Ms. Hilary Mossberg
Director, Illicit Finance Policy
The Sentry

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