As the use of digital platforms and services expands across the globe, so too does the need to better understand how they operate and how governments are acting upon and influencing them. It has become a truism that no single actor or stakeholder group can solve the challenges of the digital age alone. And yet, barriers continue to prevent deeper understandings of these challenges and collaborative approaches to address them. It is no surprise then that policymakers and civil society leaders alike increasingly turn to “transparency”—a foundational concept in any accountable democracy– as a pre-requisite to a number of tech-related policy questions. And yet, few people can articulate what exactly transparency means. To build common language and understanding for the array of global efforts focused on this issue, a collection of civil society organizations are launching an “Action Coalition” as part of the Danish government’s Tech for Democracy Initiative. Join us and learn more about this timely effort.


Chloe Colliver

Head of Digital Policy and Strategy

Institute for Strategic Dialogue Global

Issie Lapowsky

Chief Correspondent


Shashank Mohan

Shashank Mohan

Senior Project Manager

Centre for Communication Governance

Jason Pielemeier

Deputy Director

Global Network Initiative

Alicia Wanless

Alicia Wanless

Director, Partnership for Countering Influence Operations

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

More to be announced!


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