On Tuesday, February 15, from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. ET, please join the Atlantic Council’s Europe Center for the official launch of a report on the Afghan refugee crisis and what the transatlantic community can do to address it and future refugee crises, titled “The Afghan Refugee Crisis: How to Resurrect the Global Refugee Resettlement Coalition.”

This report, written by former UK Development Minister Rory Stewart, explains how the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated significantly since the fall of Kabul, why Afghans are leaving their home country in increasing numbers, and why the international community must reinvigorate the global resettlement coalition to address this crisis and future refugee crises. What legal immigration channels exist for Afghan refugees to be accepted in other countries? What physical and legal barriers exist to hinder their entry? What should the United States and its allies do to address this crisis?

To answer these questions, Rory Stewart, with the help of the Europe Center, conducted extensive research on the impending famine in Afghanistan, Afghan immigration flows since the fall of Kabul, and the refugee resettlement programs that exist under UNHCR and other national jurisdictions.

This report launch event will also provide an opportunity to debate the future of the the Afghan refugee crisis and refugee resettlement together with: Senator Ratna Omidvar, member of the Canadian Standing Committee on Human Rights, and Dr. Orzala Nemat, Director of the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit think tank.


Rory Stewart
Former UK Development Minister
Senior Fellow, Jackson Institute
Yale University

The Hon. Ratna Omidvar
Senator for Ontario, Member of the Standing Committee on Human Rights
Senate of Canada

Dr. Orzala Nemat

Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit

In conversation with

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