On July 27, 2023, the Atlantic Council GeoTech Center held a launch event for its GeoTech Commission Brief, Unlocking the potential for digital twins in the federal enterpriseAuthored by Program Assistant Solomon Wise, the report explores digital twin use cases, both in the private sector and in the federal government, and highlights some challenges, benefits, and risks associated with deploying digital twins to help inform government officials and policymakers. 

The event included remarks on the importance of digital twins and their potential applications in government from Lloyd Whitman, Senior Director of the GeoTech Center, and John Goodman, CEO of Accenture Federal Services, along with recorded comments from Kyle Michl, CIO of Accenture Federal Services.

The event also featured a presentation from Lowell Usrey, Chief Technology Integration Officer at AFWERX on the creation and implementation of the most comprehensive digital twin system in use in the federal government at Tyndall Air Force Base, as well as a lively panel discussion on considerations around federal applications of digital twins which included Lowell Usrey, Aaron Kleiner (Head of Global Government Affairs and Public Policy at Unity Technologies), Miranda Lutz (Director of Public Policy, XR Association), and Adam Villalobos (Senior Manager, Software Development, Sim Tech at Amazon Web Services). This discussion covered important issues such as where digital twins could have the greatest impact in the federal government, how to ensure secure data flows within digital twins systems, and advice for policymakers and practitioners in government around key elements of digital twin adoption.  


John Goodman
Chief Executive Officer
Accenture Federal Services

Miranda Lutz
Director of Public Policy
XR Association

Kyle Michl
Chief Innovation Officer
Accenture Federal Services

Adam Villalobos
Senior Manager, Software Development, Sim Tech
Amazon Web Services

Lowell Usrey
Chief Technology Integration Officer, AFWERX
United States Air Force

Aaron Kleiner
Head of Global Government Affairs and Public Policy
Unity Technologies

Moderated by

Lloyd Whitman
Senior Director, GeoTech Center
Atlantic Council

Solomon Wise
Program Assistant, GeoTech Center
Atlantic Council

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