CEO of Nuclearelectrica 

Starting September 2017, Mr. Cosmin Ghita is the CEO of Nuclearelectrica (SNN), the only nuclear energy producer in Romania, which covers approx. 20% of the of the national energy consumption needs. Starting 2019 he is the only Romanian member of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) Main Governing Board. 

As nuclear energy is clean energy, Mr. Ghita’s role as Nuclearelectrica’s CEO is to implement strategy investment projects that support Romania’s energy transition process, its decarbonization targets and energy security. Through its investment projects, Nuclearelectrica will double its capacity after 2031 and the contribution in Romania’s total CO2-free energy production will increase to 66% by 2030. 

Mr. Ghita started his career within Chevron’s, Washington, DC office contributing to Chevron’s initiatives in Romania and Eastern Europe. During 2015-2017, Mr. Cosmin Ghita was partner in Amerocap, a New York-based energy and natural resource private investment firm, where he supported projects in Romania, Ukraine and Great Britain. Later on, he was appointed Advisor to the Prime Minister of Romania overseeing energy affairs. 

Mr. Ghita was also involved in the establishment of Aspire Academy, a leadership and business summer program led by Harvard and Ivy League Professors in Romania. 

Cosmin Ghita is a graduate of Bates College, Maine, US, with a major in International Political Economy, and also sits on the Board of Trustees of the American International School of Bucharest. 

His fields of expertise include economic strategies, international affairs, energy markets, large investment project development and risk analysis, structuring of market capitalization strategies, international relations and affairs, public-private partnerships, both in the state and private sectors. 

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