Chief Executive Officer, Terrestrial Energy

Simon Irish is chief executive officer of Terrestrial Energy Inc. He has twenty years of global investment banking and investment management experience in New York and London. He has a formal education in the quantitative sciences and quantitative finance and has established and managed multi-billion-dollar alternative investment businesses in North America.

Mr. Irish is the former head of Man Global Strategies (MGS) in North America, the strategic investment division of Man Group Plc, a leading global investment management business. During his tenure at Man, Mr. Irish was responsible for building and managing the largest and most active strategic investment and managed account business in North America. Mr. Irish was a member of the Investment Committee and responsible for corporate acquisition opportunities in North America for Man Group Plc.

Mr. Irish began his banking career at Credit Suisse in London and in 2001 moved to New York as director of FRM, the London-based investment firm, to establish its US business.

In 2010, he focused on opportunities in breakthrough energy technologies and in particular nuclear energy, given its unparalleled energy density and the commercial potential of advanced reactor technologies.

Mr. Irish holds an master of arts in natural sciences from Cambridge University and a master of science in finance from the London Business School.

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