Tech, data, and leadership: pandemic geopolitics and recovery post-COVID

When: Wed, 22 April 11:00-12:00pm EDT
Where: Co-hosted by the Atlantic Council GeoTech Center and WEBIT Virtual

What: A virtual roundtable discussion on “the Coronavirus Crisis, Tech Innovation, and associated Geopolitical Impact” to include what tech innovators and world leaders can do re: the long-term global recovery.

The COVID–19 pandemic continues to change our world. The current crisis presents new challenges not just of scope, but of speed. Each day matters, each minute. And who better than the global technology hubs to address the need for speed in defeating coronavirus and accelerating economic recovery? The tech industry not only understands rapid change and disruption, it thrives on it.

Technology Communities are starting to step up. Apple and Google announced development of a new “contact tracing” service using cell phones; Facebook and Intel have created multi-million dollar funds to support COVID-related tech innovation, and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey has pledged $1 billion, almost a quarter of his personal wealth; Facebook, Google and YouTube are posting public health information related to “coronavirus” searches; Tesla is making ventilators. All encouraging, but not enough and both world leaders and the public must be ever mindful of unintended ripple effects tied to these initiatives. There are values baked-in to each of these initiatives, whether Tech Communities intend for them or not, and in our rush for solutions world leaders and the public must also be mindful of these values and what they mean both for the short-term response to and longer-term recovery from this pandemic.

On Wednesday, April 22th at 11am EDT (8am Pacific), the Atlantic Council in partnership with WEBIT Virtual will convene an expert panel to explore the Coronavirus Crisis, Tech Innovation, and associated Geopolitical Impact to include what tech innovators and world leaders can do regarding the long-term global recovery. Join the Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center for a one-hour candid, incisive and insightful discussion.


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